The Difference Between an Electric & Gas Powered Chainsaw

It’s time for shopping! And for the dads and construction site workers out there, there’s nothing better than shopping for a new chainsaw. But wait! With lots of chainsaws available in the market, it can be a tad confusing which one to choose since all of them has their own advantage and disadvantages. So which […]

How Much Do You Have to Pay in Purchasing a Cord of Wood?

Warming up in front of your fireplace with your family is aesthetically pleasing. The warm heat of the burning wood matched with the downpour of the snow outside is an experience worth having. However, buying firewood for your fireplace is something that you need to be careful of. During peak season, towering prices can be […]

Chainsaw Woodcarving Tips & Tricks for First Timers

Woodcarving is the oldest yet the most continuous type of sculpture making. It has been here back then during the time of our ancestors, and even before them. Throughout many centuries, woodcarving has gone through different stages but never died. It came a long way and gradually improved as time goes by. The most basic […]

Avoid Chainsaw Kickback Accidents by Following These Tips

Each year, about 20 thousand injuries most likely came from chainsaw accidents. And the most common accidents when handling one is chainsaw kickback, which is more prominent on gas-powered chainsaws. When it comes to cutting small trees, limbs, or pruning, most homeowners opt on using chainsaws for easy convenience. But the danger it brings is […]

A Thorough Guide on Cutting a Tree Using a Chainsaw

Trees provide plenty of benefits for our environment such as fresh air, adding beauty to our landscapes, and more. However, there is a good reason why cutting them down is not a bad thing. Most people didn’t know that trimming down trees is important to reduce hazards and to protect other trees that are still […]