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By summer of 2004 I found I was getting very short of working space,so we decided to have the driveway concreted and to build an extension on the side of the the garage.The building work I did myself.It finished at 3'wide x16'long I fitted shelves all along the back wall it now holds an immense amount of blanks and fresh cut wood.I also installed a small tubular electric heater low down on wall it keeps the damp away in winter and seems to act like a small kiln.The lower picture shows me working on a yew vase ,note the roller blinds around lathe it localises the dust and shavings it also makes extraction more efficient.

Obtaining  supplies  of  timber  is  some  what  of a problem getting it at the right price is of great importance ,fortunately I can source some through my contacts in the motor trade with customers ,especially farmers offering felled or fallen timber.I can sometimes get supplies of kiln dried elm and ash and possibly beech from a good mate of mine in buckinghamshire who until retirement worked in a local furniture factory But I must admit I like to work with burrs elm and oak being most favoured
For clock blanks I use mostly Australian burrs imported from the goldfields ,lovely figuring but expensive.

Dust extraction I find of great importance .The picture on the left shows an old cooker hood I made use of with some slight mods I am able to extract a lot of airborne dust outside the work shop.The other side of the building I have mounted a Axminster air filter in the rafters which I also modified to extract to atmosphere.
                         I have also a rexon dust and chip extractor fitted in a wheelly bin outside the workshop and piped in via a 100mm hose to a collector mounted behind lathe chuck I have another extractor drawing dust from the band saw and sander. When sanding I use an air fed helmet also.

This picture shows the end of my hollowing rest showing the tool support.I have made up various size spanner ends for other tools .the picture below is one half of my workshop you can see the Nova DVR I purchased recently and top left is the Axminster dust filter.The workshop does,nt look very tidy but all the tools I use often are close to hand.
Deep hollow rest
General view of the upper end of the workshop ,in the top left corner you can just see the Axminster dust extractor , I have removed the internal filter and fitted a 100mm hose over the exit port and directed it through the garage wall with a suitable vent that shuts when the extractor is,nt running
Yew vase mounted on the chuck.You can see just behind the dust collector which feeds the rexon extractor
yew vase  0n DVR
Selbix lathe
My selbix lathe I have used this lathe for a number of years it is selbix ,s top of the range machine 3 phase 1hp motor driven though an inverter 2 speed belt change with variable speed on both ranges 36" between centres 12" turning over bed bars 30" turning with outrigger supplied.Fitted with selbix chuck and full set of jaws centres and spur drive This machine is for sale any one interested contact me