Brians woodturning
GALLERY 2 Clocks
GALLERY   3 Vases & Hollow Forms

Beautiful elm burr voided hollow form 10"x10"£75      sold   but can make similar

Another voided elm burr vase lovely shape £65  sold  but again I can make similar

Yew voided form 8"x8" £45

Yew voided vase , all yew vases are finished with my special high gloss9"high x 4"wide £35

Burr elm natural edge voided pot £40  use this email to enquire      phone   01290 552580

 Burr elm hollow form voided
very old burr £45
yew vase 10"
Sycamore  burr vase with purple heart top and bottom 12"
Elm form with bubinga inlays10
£  50 Sold

Yew Vase with ebony top £30 
Cherry hollow form 12"
£ 45
Yew vase again turned with aid of extenable tool rest and hamlet deep hollower.I applied a special finish to this a concoction of single coat finishers sprayed on and then cut back with 1600 wet or dry paper and polished with buffing compound , amazing gloss and totally water proof [ tested in water for 48 hrs]
£  95   sold
Off centre stemmed goblets turned with the aid of device in tools and tips
£  45  pr  large£ 30  small £ 20
Laurel vase 10"
£ 45
Yew vase 10"x4.5"£35
Plum urn 8"
£ 35 sold
Joined elm box 6"
Coaster sets 6 in set Banksia nut with elm container ,very popular presents
£ 20
Nest of yew and spalted birch mushrooms
Prices from £4 to £15
Banksia nut mushrooms saved tops and bottoms after making coasters
£6 each
A trio of ring boxes various woods
£ 18 each
Yew vase  24"x12" £140
Yew vase 8"x 6" with high gloss finish3 £30
Yew  natural  edge  vase  8"x8" £28
Pair  of voided yew vases approx 11"x4" £39 each

Yew Vase With Purple Heart Top  . this one is Sold but I can make similar one   £ 39

Huge Burr Elm Voided Vase 20"high x 10" dia  wax finish £90

Beautiful Yew Vase  14" high x 7"wide  very voided with my special high gloss finish

Voided yew vase 18" high x 5"wide
£90  sold
Voided hollow form in yew
20"high x7"wide £110 sold