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I call this clock saturn , Spalted beech with ebony accessories, 12"x12" , I make this one in many wood types fitted with 6" skeleton clock    £95

100mm skeleton clock in ausie burr.  Red Mallie  122widex9"wide £90  Sold

Very attractive elm burr clock /barometer this picture hardly doe,s it justice  12"widex8"high £80

Lovely clock and barometer combo in elm burr  with mushroom country theme, 14"widex8"high,   £85   use this email to enquire      Phone 01290 552580

Burr elm pendulum clock .This one is on our wall
It,s been running for 6yrs   £80 sold
Burr oak started life as a shallow bowl . I decided it would look better as  a  clock  £44

Lignum bandstand clock .It was made from a large trunk found on the beach at Cainryan    £120sold
A particularly nice piece of walnut the picture dos,nt do it justice
We call this clock saturn  I make it in all sizes and wood varieties
this one is roughly 9"x8"   £50
Burr elm wall clock approx 11"dia £50

Burr elm again cut from same burr as above right
approx 11" dia
 Old burr elm mantle clock £48                  
Some of these clocks are sold
similar examples can be made


burr elm with box finials   £85
This one makes a lovely wedding present .Bandstand in yew with ebony spindles .I use only three spindles it allows me to space the front two far enough apart to mount a four inch clock face with a quartz movement

A  jumbo style bandstand clock  spalted sycamore and ash 9" x15"finished with a semi matt sealer and wax               £140     
I am currently in the process of making a huge band stand clock approx 3to 4ft high with a pendulum clock mounted in the centre I,ll keep you posted you will see it on web site shortly if it works out ok                    

large bandstand clock approx 24"hx12"w pendulum spindles ash  top and base spalted elm £175. 

nice movement in natural edge yew             £65

Lovely yew clock £36

Burr elm skeleton clock£55

Pierced moon and base clock
in yew with ebony finials 6"Skeleton
movement size 13"x*2 this example represents
30 hours work £190

clock in beech burr £80
pendulum clock in yew  approx 8" high £42
Another view of craft display
Various clocks on craft stand display
another style burr elm mantle
clock 9"high x 12" wide £45
Barbara looking very cold at
an out door event