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The photo on the left shows the deep hollow form turning rest.It is made entirely  out of a volvo  steering rack with some slight modifications first I electric welded a steel post to the original rack mounting point which fits my toolpost and also drilled a 6mm hole in the end and fitted the jaw of an open ended spanner  after welding  a  6mm  bolt to  the under  side of  the jaw.This jaw fits  the shaft  of the Hamlet  hollowing tool  .It would  be  easy to make various size jaws to fit other shafts.The tool rest enables me to turn hollow forms totally supported to the depth of 18"to extend the rest you simply turn the rack pinion [ normally fitted to the steering wheel ] .Anyone interested is welcome to contact me. I turned the big yew urn in gallery 3 with this tool

The little gadget in the picture I also made from another part of the rack .This time from the inner ball joint .The small end fits in the chuck jaws I then fix the work piece onto the face plate .It will enable you turn with many and various off centres simply by slackening the bolts and moving the work piece to a different centre.You will be able to see some goblet stems turned with this tool in the later pages.

This picture shows the jaw support for the tool rest ,It,s easy to see that different size spanner jaws would accomadate various size tool shafts

Steering rack rest shown inside a yew vase , You can see the rack pinion in the bottom right corner , turn this to extend or retract rest support .
Yew log mounted on DVR.I am going to try my luck at making voided hollow form from this log , If i am successfull you will see it published later.
Same yew log trying to visualise shape as wife calls from door and snaps print .I shall use steering rack tool rest again on this piece.I had a set of kelton hollowing tools for a xmas present ,I am itching to try them out I,ll let you know how I get on later
Starting to hollow yew vase shown in gallery 3 you can see steering rack tool rest just entering vase neck
This shot shows tool working deep inside vase I am about half way inside still with  complete support for the tool with the extending steering rack rest