One of the most hassle experiences that you can have when owning a chainsaw is replacing its parts for a newer one. This could be avoidable if you just maintained it properly in the first place. Replacing parts is not an easy task to do. It’s not like a walk in the park where you just bust inside the store and pick a replacement that looks close to the older one you currently have.

Getting the right measurement is part of the process since all chainsaws have different dimensions. You need to pick the exact equipment with the exact measurement that fits your chainsaw. To help you with that, reading the manual is what you need to do since its specifications is probably listed there. In this article, we are going to help you measure the bar and chain of your chainsaw. Continue reading down below to find out.

Measuring the Chainsaw Bar

  • Several standard sizes are available for chainsaw bars, the common ones being 10 inches and ranges up to 42 inches. However, the usual sizes of bar length can range up to 16, 18, and 20 inches. A tape measure is required when measuring bar lengths so always bring one when you shop for one.
  • In measuring the size of your chainsaw bar, find the spot where the chain enters the casing. If you are unsure where to stop the measurement, the furthest part of the bar length is located at the end of the blade from the casing itself. Once down, you are now ready to shop for your desired bar length. Making it easier for you to find a replacement.

Measuring the Chainsaw Chain

  • Now that you’re done with the chainsaw bar, it’s time to measure the chain. In addition to that, you can measure its pitch, gauge, and drive links in the process too.
  • First, place the chain on an even surface and spot the chain’s drive links (also known as chain lugs).
  • Second is the pitch. To determine the measurement of the pitch, measure the distance between three consecutive rivets on your liking. If you don’t know what rivets are, they are round studs that connects the segments of chain collectively. You can now measure from the center of the first rivet until the third and divide it by 2. The formula is written like this:
  • Pitch = (distance between 3 rivets) / 2
  • Lastly, we can now measure the gauge. The gauge is the measurement of the drive links thickness. Possible sizes of the chain gauge are as follows: .043″, .050″, .058″, and .063″. Adding this to your pitch measurement you then now have the size of your chain. Therefore, the size of your chain pitch plus the number of your drive links is the length of the chain.

So there you have it! Now that you know the measurement of your bar and chain, you can now shop easier and find a replacement that’s right and suitable for your chainsaw. Happy shopping!

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