Chainsaws are one of the most powerful tools that you can have. But only few people know the parts of their chainsaws and its functions. Some might say that knowing its parts is absolutely necessary. However, thoroughly studying a chainsaw can have its advantages. One being able to avoid chainsaw-related injuries. The more you know about your chainsaw, the safer you will be.

Why is It Important?

  • Safety is the biggest reason why knowing the parts of a chainsaw is essential. The more you are familiar with the device you are holding, the more you are aware with its potential and capabilities. Thus, giving you in control before the chainsaw controls you.
  • Another reason is for maintenance purposes. If you are familiar with its parts especially the insides, you can easily maintain it without hassle. If ever your chainsaw is broken, you will know where to locate the problem as easy as pie. There’s nothing wrong with having basic knowledge and understanding to keep your chainsaw in good shape. Even better is with proper care and maintenance, your chainsaw will last longer.

Parts of a Chainsaw

  • Chain Catcher – This is the most important part of the chainsaw hence being first in the list. This part is often made from plastic or metal and it is designed to protect the user from harm in case the chain suddenly breaks off the bar while using.

  • Chain – Obviously, there is the chain since this is a chainsaw after all. The chain is made up of different components like the cutting teeth that’s located outside and the drive links on the inside. The purpose of the drive links is to keep the chain on the bar tightly secured. The cutting teeth is self-explanatory, hence its name.

  • Clutch – This part is attached to the sprocket. Its purpose is to control the speed of the chainsaw.

  • Muffler – The use of muffler is to reduce engine noise just like what it does on a vehicle. This helps keeping the operator safe from ear damage due to loud sounds emitted by the machine.

  • Chain Brake – Of course, the chain brake’s purpose is to stop the chain immediately especially when a kickback is starting to happen.

  • Throttle – This part controls the chainsaw’s revolution per minute (RPM). It works by decreasing the volume of the fuel to the cylinders. Once pressure is released on the throttle, the chain will come to a halt.

  • Flywheel – The flywheel prevents the chainsaw engine from overheating. It controls the speed of the chainsaw and cools the engine when it gets hot.

  • Hand Guard – This is plastic shield that protects the operator’s hands whenever a kickback happens. Chainsaw kickback is the most common injury when operating a chainsaw.

  • Decompression Valve – This is a part that releases saw compression. Thus, making the chainsaw easier to start with hassle.

  • Carburetor – Its purpose is to control fuel intake of the engine.

  • Choke Valve – This part allows the use to start up the chainsaw. Its purpose is to regulate air intake pressure along with the fuel in order for the machine to start with enough fuel supply.

  • Anti-vibration Valve – A chainsaw can vibrate a lot, and its sole purpose is to reduce that to put less stress on the operator’s hands when using such.

  • Filters – This part keeps the chainsaw free from dust and dirt from reaching the carburetor and other parts of its insides. If ever you are cleaning your chainsaw, don’t forget to prioritize the filter first and clean it thoroughly.

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