It’s time for shopping! And for the dads and construction site workers out there, there’s nothing better than shopping for a new chainsaw. But wait! With lots of chainsaws available in the market, it can be a tad confusing which one to choose since all of them has their own advantage and disadvantages. So which one is best for you?

To help you with that, you need to see what you need a chainsaw for. Should you be cutting trees? (please do it for a purpose, not for illegal logging), or you just want to trim large branches or for construction purposes only? Whatever the situation is, you need a chainsaw that can accommodate your needs.

In this article, we are going to tackle the difference of an electric powered chainsaw and a gas powered one. We will then talk about its advantage and disadvantages to see which is best for you. Let’s dive in!

Power for Everyone!

  • The first thing we need to look at as its power. The powerful the chainsaw, the more it can perform better. That means it can cut through with ease whatever material you want to cut, be it softwood or hardwood, you name it!
  • Gas Chainsaw: This one is more powerful because it has a larger engine. And the fact that it runs on gas, it means that it can perform top-notch when it comes to exerting force.
  • Electric Chainsaw: This one is less powerful since it runs on battery and not with fuel. It means that it depends on the type of battery you are using. The lower the battery, the less power it exerts.
  • Verdict: We can clearly see the winner here and it is the gas-powered chainsaw. Large engines mean it can withstand how difficult the task is. And with the use of fuel, this means the power of gas-based chainsaws is better and more efficient.

Ease of Use

  • Aside from power, comfort is one thing that we often find when we shop for chainsaws. Most of us are not actually chainsaw professionals that’s why it is important to opt for one that is user-friendly without doing too much hassle from using it.
  • Gas Chainsaw: Since gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful, this means that it is more difficult to handle. One thing to avoid when operating one is chainsaw kickback, which is where the chainsaw suddenly throws itself back up towards the user, thus, creating accidents. And aside from that, gas chainsaws are heavier because of their larger engines.
  • Electric Chainsaw: On the other hand, electric chainsaws are easier to handle. They are small in size, lightweight, thus making it easier to maneuver whenever you cut wood or something. This is perfect for beginners or elderly people who want to operate one. It’s also easier to start it up compared to gas chainsaws.
  • Verdict: And the winner is the electric chainsaw! Using a lightweight chainsaw that’s easy to wield means less accidents and more work done.

Safety First

  • Thousands of people are getting injured by their chainsaws. This is highly likely because chainsaws are considered one of the most dangerous piece of machinery. That’s why it is important to opt for a chainsaw that is safe to use to avoid uncanny accidents to happen.
  • Gas Chainsaw: This type of chainsaw is more powerful, meaning chainsaw kickback is most likely to happen. Don’t you just hate it when it suddenly acts like it has a mind of its own and starts to spin towards your face? Now that looks like a perfect addition to a scene for the Final Destination movie.
  • Electric Chainsaw: Since this one operates on low power, it means it is safer to use and has less kickback compared to gas chainsaws. It’s lightweight nature also means it is easier to maneuver without the fear of splitting your face or body in half.
  • Verdict: And the winner is no other than the electric chainsaw! Having low power is actually a good thing.


  • Gas Chainsaw: Double the power also means double the price. You know the drill.
  • Electric Chainsaw: Less power means it’s cheaper, so your bank account is safe.

Summing It up

  • As you can see, electric chainsaw seems to take the crown when it comes to chainsaw comparison. But still, it still boils down on what kind of chainsaw does a user want to use. If you’re a professional that already knows how to handle chainsaw and is keen on heavy lumber cutting, then gas-powered ones might be for you. However, if you’re a newbie on operating such, then look no further with electric-powered chainsaws.

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