The moment you enter a home improvement store, you will be greeted with lots of tools and materials that you can use for your home. And when you get into the chainsaw section, you will be amazed about the vast selection that you see right in front of your eyes.

To think of it, picking a chainsaw is more than just a chain and a metal bar. Each chainsaw has its own feature despite having the same purpose overall. In this article, let’s talk about the four types of chainsaws that you can see in the market to help you choose which one is best for you.

  • Gas-Powered Chainsaw
  • One of the most popular chainsaws out there is the gas-powered one. Its popularity is because of its efficiency and extreme power that most chainsaws cannot create.
  • This saw relies on gasoline to run. It uses a mixture of oil and gasoline where the oil lubricates the internals of the saw, while the gas acts as fuel just like what a car does. The only downside of it is its heavy nature, making it harder to operate.
  • And now comes the pricing, since it runs on gas and is double the power, this also means it is double the price too. It is worth the money though because you get what you want. But for the budget-conscious out there, other low-powered cheaper options may be suited for you.

  • Battery-Powered Chainsaw
  • Speaking of light and cheaper ones, battery-powered chainsaws are here to save the day. It runs on battery instead of gas hence the name. This chainsaw has its own up and downsides too.
  • Speaking of its upsides, it doesn’t use fuel, thus giving you mobility. And since it uses battery, it means that you can recharge it after every use. Now that’s a more convenient way compared to using gas isn’t it?
  • And now for its downside, it is less powerful compared to a gas chainsaw. This chainsaw is designed specifically for cutting down small trees and limbs only. Therefore, it cannot handle difficult and larger tasks that gas-powered chainsaws can.
  • To sum it up, this chainsaw is great for small tasks only. You should definitely consider on purchasing a backup battery as well so whenever the first one is used up, you can use the backup while the other battery charges.

  • Corded Electric Chainsaws
  • This chainsaw has a cord that you can connect on an outlet, meaning it uses electricity to power the device. It is also considered as “immobile” by some because you are limited to a short distance only. Unless if you have a very long outlet cord with you that can reach the woods, now that’s impossible.
  • Its disadvantage is probably its immobility and the fact that it uses electricity, which means less power than gas chainsaws.
  • For beginners, this chainsaw is definitely the one for you if you want to cut something out in your backyard. As long as you have a long extension cord with you that you can run outside the house then you’re good to go.

  • Manual Chainsaw
  • Finally, there’s the manual chainsaw. They are also sometimes called “pocket chainsaws” because of its portability. For those that are afraid to use machines, the manual chainsaw is just the one for you.
  • A manual chainsaw is made up of a double-sided chain with handles on both ends. The user moves the handle back and forth just like operating a traditional chainsaw. If you like working on your own without the need of power, then get this one!
  • However, this is only limited on cutting down small trees and limbs just like what a battery-powered chainsaw can handle. Lastly, the manual chainsaw is the most affordable out of the four since it doesn’t have a machine to begin with. And its portable nature is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to store bulky items in their garage.

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