A chainsaw is expensive. How much more when you purchase its additional accessories too. The cost will probably pile up bigger than your pile of dirty clothes in your bedroom. Maintenance cost can also add up into the list in order for it to function properly.

But have you ever think on using your chainsaw for earning money? No, we are not talking about illegal logging and it’s best that you avoid that. We are talking about projects that can really make your wallet happy. You can start by accepting wood cutting task around your neighborhood, especially those that doesn’t have the equipment.

If you want to go advance, you can do woodworking projects too. This is the best part-time job for chainsaw owners that desperately need cash. But it’s not a walk in the park when starting one, especially if you are not the master of all things at coming up with ideas. However, here are some simple tips to help you out with that.

  • First, you must have a vision, a realistic vision perhaps. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a simple vision as long as you can turn it into reality in no time. You might want to build furniture and sell it, or you may want to create an outdoor planter box for your gardening needs. As long as you have the material and equipment, you are in control of your own ideas and creativity.

  • Second, do some research and gather data on how well your woodworking project will sell. Woodworking projects are probably the best compared to handmade projects, since they are bigger, more unique, and environmental-friendly too. If you opt on using the internet as a way of selling your items, then find a website where you can sell it a higher price. Don’t settle on selling it for a few bucks only. It took days or even weeks on creating your masterpiece and you’re just going to sell it like cheap pancakes on the street? No way! However, if you are selling smaller items such as wooden toys for children, wooden signs, or picture frames, then that’s a reasonable thing to go for cheaper price. For larger ones such as beds or cabinets, then sell it at a higher cost.

  • Third, create a plan that you want to visualize and materialize. This is the phase where you must gather the materials you need and also the equipment for the planned project. If you’re not following a deadline, then you can create the project whenever you like. However, if you have a buyer that wants to obtain the item as soon as possible, then you must hurry on making it. Better yet, you can give the item to the buyer before the deadline to add customer satisfaction. You know what they say, first impression lasts.

  • Finally, it’s time to market your project. Pose your woodwork in a beautiful environment and capture photos of it. Be descriptive when selling it into a website. Convince buyers by explaining its special features that can’t be found on your competitors. But be careful, you must endorse your product honestly so that customers won’t report you for being a fraud. It’s also important to gather customer feedback to so that you will know what are the advantages and disadvantages of your product to improve for your future woodwork.

Pricing Your Product

  • Making profit is one thing you should be concerned of when it comes to pricing your product. Pricing must be done by making and adding a markup price that will serve as your profit. It should also include the fixed cost and all other costs that is related to the production of the item. The fixed cost is the expense that remains constant despite the number of products that you produce while the variable cost changes depending on the output of your production. You can also include the electricity use of your chainsaw while using it for shipping cost.
  • Here’s an example to help you out, assuming you made 10 picture frames and the fixed price of the item is $5, making the total variable cost $25. What you need to do is to divide the variable cost by the number of frames you have made to get the variable cost of each item. Now that you have computed the variable cost, you can now add the mark up price for each and you now see the profit of your product.

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