Trees provide plenty of benefits for our environment such as fresh air, adding beauty to our landscapes, and more. However, there is a good reason why cutting them down is not a bad thing. Most people didn’t know that trimming down trees is important to reduce hazards and to protect other trees that are still growing. Just don’t overdo it that will lead to deforestation because all of us don’t want that to happen.

But keep in mind that cutting trees is not an easy task to do, most especially for big and tall ones. What you need to cut down trees is more than an ax, something that can really do the work in just minutes. With that said, say hello to chainsaws! The most efficient yet dangerous equipment that you can get a hands on.

When cutting trees using a chainsaw, proper planning is needed. You need to determine in what direction does it fall down. Because if you don’t, chances are you’re going to hurt someone in the process, and even yourself if you are not careful in doing such.

Safety must be a priority when tree cutting. Take note that this is not a task that’s suited for beginners. If you are, then it’s best to ask advice from experts to help you out on cutting your first tree. With that said, listed below is a guide on how to cut trees using a chainsaw. Let’s begin!

  • Step 1: Prepare
  • Prepare everything you need from the chainsaw, eyewear, hard hat, and protective clothes since flying debris are everywhere when you start the cutting section. It is highly recommended to wear knee-high boots or anything that can protect your legs and above. Don’t forget to wear a pair of safety gloves too to get a good grip on your chainsaw.

  • Step 2: Check the Area First
  • It’s important to scout the area and inspect if everything is free from harm. It is important to determine the direction of the tree when it falls too. Safety first is a must to prevent uncanny accidents from happening.

  • Step 3: Cut Any Branch in Your Reach
  • Before you cut the bigger one, take care of the smaller ones first which is the branches. Cut them down in a downward stroke.

  • Step 4: Cut The Tree Properly
  • There are three ways to cut a tree and this is the horizontal cut, the wedge cut, and the back cut. Let’s break them down each one of them.
  • Horizontal cut: This cut makes the tree to fall perpendicularly.
  • Wedge cut: It is a V-shape cut that can be achieved by cutting a notch on the sides of the tree facing the drop zone.
  • Back cut: This is the final method where you cut horizontally from the opposite side of the notch.
  • Keep in mind that when cutting trees, you need to provide support to your upper body while your feet are spread slightly further than shoulder-length. This will help you to get a good grip of the saw.

Important Things to Note

  • Accidents are inevitable so it’s important to plan an escape path in case something goes wrong. Only cut trees on a bright sunny day. Never work on rainy or stormy conditions especially when you’re using an electric chainsaw. It is highly advisable to bring a partner with you that can act as a guide.

Time for Cutting

  • First is the horizontal cut. Do this by making a top cut at the trunk of the tree at 70-degrees and at least 1/3 of the diameter of the tree. Cut the tree up to the trunk on the side of the direction you want it to fall.
  • Now for the wedge cut, make a 20-degree angle cut in an upward manner so the two cuts will meet at the right angle, thus, creating a wedge. Make the notch at knee-height and cut until you reach the center of the tree.
  • Lastly, the back cut. Do your final cut at the opposite side of the tree, parallel to the ground and towards the wedge you created. Take note that you must leave a hinge that is about 1/10 of the diameter of the tree. The purpose of the hinge is to stop the tree from falling down while you’re still doing your work. Once you are ready, cut the hinge to make the tree fall down on your desired direction.

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